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Contract #:
04/02/2015 – 04/02/2022
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EPS, in 2015 was selected by the Department of the Air Force (AF) as one of the 17 awardees for the NETCENTS-2 Netcentric Operations (NetOps) Small Business (SB) contract. NetOps SB calls for a variety of services and solutions targeting network operations, enterprise services, infrastructure development, IT operations and support and network management to include cyber defense. Additionally, the NETCENTS-2 NetOps SB IDIQ contract is available for use by all DoD services and any federal agency.

Additional Information can be obtained within the USAF NETCENTS-2 Portal at: http://www.netcents.af.mil/Contracts/NETCENTS-2/NetOps/

EPS’ contract performance goal is to support missions requiring voice, data, and video communications, information technology services and solutions and products by delivering the right information, in the right format, to the right place, at the right time – efficient in peace, effective in war, and ensuring success across the spectrum of operations. EPS will utilize the NETCENTS-2 contract to support the IT lifecycle to include legacy operational, maintenance and sustainment activities, re-engineering of legacy capabilities into target architectures and environments and future service-oriented capabilities. NETCENTS-2 is an enabler to meet Air Force IT transformation goals to allow for innovation with the ability to more rapidly provision and field capabilities. NETCENTS-2 enables the ability to segregate aspects of full system lifecycles into more granular components that can be composed into integrated capabilities for the warfighter. Furthermore, NETCENTS-2 enables EPS to support the warfighter’s infrastructure and technology needs over the 10-year course of the program lifecycle.


The NETCENTS-2 NetOps IDIQ contract provides a wide range of IT network-centric and telephony products, services and solutions covering the full spectrum of netcentric operations and missions, including existing legacy infrastructure, networks, systems and operations as well as emerging requirements based on the AF Chief Information Officer’s SOA construct. This contract will provide network-centric information technology, networking, and Ssecurity, voice, video and data communications, system solutions and services to satisfy the Combat Support (CS), Command and Control (C2), and Intelligence Reconnaissance and Surveillance (ISR) supporting Air Force, Department of Defense (DoD) and all federal agency requirements worldwide. Through this contract, users are provided the capabilities to find, access, collaborate, fuse, display, manage and store information on DoD Global Information Grid (GIG). AF sites may include commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) National Security Systems (NSS), intelligence data handling equipment, C4I equipment, Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), secure and non-secure video, voice and data systems, and/or mission equipment. This equipment processes information of varying security classifications and may include sites that are Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs). All services and solutions supported under this contract are provided in accordance with DoD, USAF or DOD Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) and National Security Agency standards as applicable to the task order.



  • Base Telephony Services
  • Network Command and Control
  • Comm Squadron Operations/Local Network Helpdesk
  • DoDIN Network Defense
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
  • Physical Infrastructure Maintenance/Upgrades
  • Network and IT Cyber Security/Information Assurance Services
  • Enterprise Network Helpdesk
  • Backup, Disaster Recovery, Continuity of Operations (COOP)
  • Creation of Testing or Training Network Environments
  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) Sustainment
  • Fiber/Copper Cable Infrastructure EFI&T
  • E-911, Mass Notification, Giant Voice Installation, Operations and Maintenance
  • Cloud Migration Services
  • VoIP, VTC, PA System, A/V Installation and Maintenance