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Training Fielding Logistics



TPF Total Package Fielding (TPF) is the US Army's standard process for fielding new weapons, equipment, and other material systems. Our customers use the TPF process to ensure that fully supportable material systems and their required support are provided with minimal disruption of the unit's day-to-day missions.

Our personnel have supported the Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command, Logistics and Readiness Center mission requirements for more than 30 years. EPS continues to provide TPF support to the Warfighter in CONUS, OCONUS, and often in up-tempo, hostile environments.

EPS TPF services include:
  • Conducts new Material Introductory Briefs
  • Coordinates Fielding milestones
  • Coordinates and prepares Material Requirements Listings with gaining units
  • Assists gaining unit and property book office to ensure accountability of systems fielded through recording in Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE)
  • Prepares requisitions, establishes and tracks all shipments to ensure proper accountability
  • Conducts 100% joint inventory with the gaining units prior to handoff
  • Prepares required documenation listing all fielded equipment for transfer of accountability to the gaining unit’s property records on PBUSE
  • Installs communications systems on track and wheel vehicles
  • Prepares and submits After Action Reports
EPS provides TPF support on the following systems:
  • Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
  • Enhanced Position Location Reporting System
  • Defense Advance GPS Receiver
  • Telemaintenance (Firefinder)
  • Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar
  • Vehicle Optics Sight Sensor
  • Communications-Electronics Command Reintegration Support
  • PM Counter RCIED Electronic Warfare
  • PM PROPHET (Intelligence Terminal Support)
  • PM RUS (Robotics and Unmanned Sensors)


New Equipment Training New Equipment Training (NET) provides the training and transfer of knowledge to the end user. The NET assists commanders in achieving operational capability in the shortest time practical by training soldiers/crews and maintainers how to operate and maintain new/improved equipment.

EPS provides NET support to the Warfighter in CONUS and OCONUS.

EPS NET Services Include:
  • EPS certified instructors
  • Preparing and maintaining training plans
  • Developing training schedules
  • Coordinating NET Team deployment to training sites, and delivering the training
We produce, revise, and update all required training materials and Training Support Packages to meet the needs of the customer with a choice of traditional hard copy and CD-ROM courses. This includes Programs of Instruction Lesson Plans, and Student Guides. EPS has provided New Equipment Training to over 400,000 military and civilian personnel on the operations and maintenance of C4IEWS systems for the Communications-Electronics Command Directorate of Readiness-Training Support Division.

EPS provides NET on the following systems:
  • Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS)
  • Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS)
  • Automated Communications Engineering Software (ACES)
  • Special Purpose Intelligence Remote Integrated Terminal (Trojan Spirit)
  • Warfighter Information Network-Terrestrial (WIN-T)
  • Information Technology Tactical Training Team (IT4)
  • AN/VIS-9 AND AN/PVS-7B Nightvision Support (FMS)
  • Handheld Countermine (Gizmo, Gadget, Minehound)


FMS Under the US Government’s Foreign Military Sales program, which has grown immensely due to increased defense system sales to partner nations, EPS is performing a wide range of duties.

EPS FMS duties include:
  • Training support
  • Installation
  • Field service
  • Forward training support
  • Logistics support
  • Equipment testing
  • Software development
EPS FMS support includes:
  • Prime power generation
  • Night vision devices
  • Border detection
  • Aircraft survivability equipment
  • Aircraft mission equipment
  • Information assurance
  • Radio training
  • Radio systems


Administration EPS provides a full range of professional, administrative, and personnel support services for all phases of mobilization, demobilization, day-to-day operations, and assistance to states during natural disasters.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, EPS employees at Fort Dix, New Jersey responded immediately by providing billeting and facility support services for disaster recovery teams from military services, police, FEMA, out-of-state power companies, and other agencies, and coordinated agencies’ needs as they staged relief efforts to the areas impacted.

The range of EPS professional, administrative, and personnel support services include:
  • Family Support Center Operational Support
  • Recruiting & Retention Services
  • Information Technology Support
  • Personnel Services Support
  • Soldier Readiness Processing Support
  • Personnel Security Management
  • Administrative Services Support
  • Sexual Assault Response Program Services
  • Mail Room Services
  • Billeting & Facilities Operational Support
  • Training Range Operational Support Services


Logistics EPS provides mobilization, demobilization, and day-to-day installation support that includes:
  • Surface Maintenance Support Services
  • Aviation Maintenance Management Support and Class IX Support Services
  • Transportation Services to include Training Management Plan
  • Supply and Services Support
  • Property and Inventory Management
  • Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants Operations Services (Bulk & Packaged)
  • RESET Support Services
  • Central Issue Facility Operations
  • Central Receiving Point Operations
  • Program Examiner Review and Compliance Program Support Services
  • Ammunition Supply Point Support Services
  • Technical Information Support Activities Support Services
  • Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced Support Services
  • Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced Support Services
  • Standard Army Retail Supply System Support Services


Technical Training EPS’ instructor-certified personnel provide a broad range of Information Technology technical training. Our training is provided at unit home stations, temporary duty locations and during field missions by way of Mobile Training Teams. Readiness necessitates the ability to “Train on Demand” by taking training and educators to the soldiers and units anywhere, anytime.

Technical Training includes:
  • Basic IT Networking
  • Advanced Cisco Routing
  • Voice Over IP
  • Cisco Call Manager
  • Promina Operations
  • Promina Maintenance
  • REDCOM Operations
  • SNMPc
  • SolarWinds Toolset
  • Orion
  • HEAT Trouble Ticketing
  • Cisco PIX Firewall
  • NetScreen Firewall
  • Hercules
  • Retina
  • Cisco ACS
  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Active Directory
  • WIN-T Inc 1 systems architecture training
Information Assurance (IA) training includes:
  • Certified Critical Infrastructure Security Professional
  • CompTIA training programs - Security+, Network+, and A+
  • Microsoft credential training
EPS provides training material that is recognized by the US Department of Education for issue of technical college credits. In connection with this training, EPS identifies all training required to accomplish the mission; evaluates training material and provides recommendations to the customer on any revisions that may be required and develops new courses as needed.

EPS develops training and documentation to support hardware and software training to include:
  • Programs of Instruction and lesson plans
  • Coordinates deployment of certified trainers to training sites
  • Performs Logistics Support Analysis, shipping and receiving tasks, inventory control, hand receipt, equipment transfer activities and unit status reporting as required by the customer in connection with the training
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