• system engineering

EPS provides systems engineering and technical expertise to DoD and civilian agencies throughout all phases of a program life cycle, from concept, engineering and design, through operations, maintenance and sustainment. Specific capabilities include:

Experience in multiple sensing modalities with applications both in water and out to include:

  • Magnetics
  • Theoretical and Practical Physics
  • Acoustics
  • Optics
  • Automatic Target Recognition


At EPS, our complete systems engineering perspective ensures that all facets of product design and development are considered and integrated into feasible, economical and robust solutions. Our team utilizes SolidEdge, AutoCAD and MATLAB with engineers well versed in requirements management and technical data package development. We provide the full spectrum of simulation capability including Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

EPS provides an end-to-end prototyping and production process, including the analysis, design, development, manufacture, deployment and sustainment of military hardware systems.

EPS has proven capabilities to develop foreign materiel access for acquisitions. Using discretion, EPS can develop and manage acquisition requirements and handle the acquisition from “cradle-to-grave.” EPS specializes in developing opportunities, contracting and delivery of inert to HAZMAT materiel. In addition, we can utilize EPS’s engineer expertise, exploit the materiel and provide detailed exploitation reports.


Click Here to view our EPS M10 Hovercraft in action
EPS designs, engineers and manufactures advanced composite hovercraft vessels for military, commercial, sport and recreational use.

Set apart from typical hovercraft designs, which incorporate aluminum as a chief manufacturing component, EPS engineers and manufactures the next generation of hovercrafts. Our hovercraft are designed to reduce operational and maintenance costs while improving reliability and maintainability. Using Fiber Reinforced Plastic composites - made from fiber glass, Kevlar and carbon fiber - enables the craft to be lighter, thus achieving a higher thrust-to-weight ratio resulting in reduced power requirements and reduction in carbon emissions. Our hovercraft design takes green technology a step further; the vessels use lift fans to create an air cushion that glides over the top of both land and water so that neither intrusive propellers nor shafts disturb the marine ecological environment. Gliding above the surface of the water ensures that fragile marine flora and fauna remain undisturbed. EPS Hovercrafts do not create bow wake which can cause erosion to the shoreline.

EPS received the "2010 Green Recognition Award" in the Green Secure Transportation category from "Homeland Security Today" magazine for building advanced composite hovercrafts that stand out as environmentally friendly marine vessels.


Click Here to view our EPS 2.2 Hovercraft in action

EPS manufactures the EPS M10 and EPS 2.2 Hovercraft at Vectorworks located in Titusville, FL, situated on Florida’s Indian River. Vectorworks computer-based systems are used to engineer customer concepts, develop two and three dimensional drawings or models, and by using the on-site 5-axis milling machine, convert these models directly into limited and/or full production tooling and molds.

EPS, through its partnership with Vectorworks has the ability and facilities to:

  • Engineer and produce prototype vessels
  • Test and trial vessels
  • Refine and develop the design for the manufacturing process