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Alternative Energy Systems

Alternative Energy Systems

Alternative EnergyAlternative EnergyAlternative EnergyAlternative Energy


Alternative Energy Sustainable Design and Construction is fundamental to any environmental strategy because buildings produce a vast majority of Green House Gases every year. EPS has the ability to manage your design and construction team to assist in taking advantage of the latest techniques and technology. We can also augment your team with industry experts to meet specialized needs or supply an entire team of design and construction professionals.


Renewable Energy and Solar Power projects offer property owners new ways to dramatically reduce energy costs and save money. EPS has the cutting edge experience with the technical and structural aspects of these transactions to help customers capture the value and save real dollars. We can assist in developing your term sheet, drafting your RFP, selecting a solar power provider and negotiating a Power Purchase Agreement.


Alternative Energy Energy Management services involve EPS and the team of LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design engineers. LEED is an internationally recognized building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. There are a number of financial incentives offered by the federal, state and local government to encourage LEED certification – in fact, all new federal buildings are mandated to be LEED Silver. EPS will develop a LEED strategy, guide your team through the LEED certification process and educate your employees on the LEED certification system.

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