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What is the best way to apply to EPS Corporation?

Send your resume to jobs@epscorp.com. Visit the Apply for Jobs page to see the list of current job openings. Include the job reference number for the position you are applying for in the subject line.

What happens after I submit my resume?

Upon submission you will receive a note thanking you for submitting your resume along with a VOLUNTARY SURVEY. Your resume will be reviewed by a member of the Human Resource Department. If your skills and experience match the job requirements the resume will be forwarded to management for further review.

How long before I hear from someone?

If your skills and qualifications match those of our open positions, a member of Human Resources will contact you. Unfortunately, not every applicant will be contacted. EPS receives a large volume of resumes, and, although we appreciate the interest of each candidate, we do not contact every applicant.

Why did I receive a survey?

The purpose of the survey is to comply with the Department of Labor government record keeping, reporting, and other legal requirements. The information is for statistical purposes only. The survey is VOLUNTARY and will in no way influence our selection of potential candidates. All data records are kept in a confidential file and are not part of your application for employment or personnel file.

How long does my resume remain in the active file?

Your resume will remain in our active file for one year. We will compare the resumes in our database to the open positions.

What is the EPS Hiring process?

Upon receipt of resume it is reviewed by a member of Human Resources. If your skills and experience match the job requirements and the position is still active, you will receive a phone call from a member of Human Resources for an initial phone interview, followed by an in-person interview if there is a fit for the position. The process can take one week to one month before a final decision is made.

Will I be notified if I am not offered a position after interviewing?

Yes, you will be sent a letter if you were not selected for the position.

What benefits does EPS offer?

Please refer to our Benefits and More page for more information.

What types of positions are available at EPS?

For a listing of the positions currently available, visit our Apply for Jobs page.

Why would I want to work for EPS?

EPS provides competitive job opportunities with an excellent benefits package. We are a family owned company that values its employees. At EPS we know that the Power is in the People. You are not just a number or another employee you will be part of a work family. Your employment experience will be both professionally and personally enriching.


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