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EPS supports mission-critical projects across a wide range of agencies, with jobs requiring a security clearance. Visit our apply for jobs page for a list of open positions.


A security clearance is a determination by the United States government that a person is eligible for access to classified information.

There are basically three levels of security clearance - Confidential, Secret and Top Secret.

If you do not have a security clearance designation or if your designation has lapsed, EPS can assist you in obtaining a security clearance. We will initiate your application, walk you through the application and investigatory elements, and beyond. (Applicable only if assigned position requires a security clearance).

How does the process work?

The process begins with an application. The amount of information requested in the application depends on the type of cleared designation that is being pursued. Required details may include past and current employment history, locations in which you have lived, the names of roommates and friends, financial history, travel history, groups or affiliations, and more.

Is a background investigation required?

Yes - A background investigation is a must. The scope of the investigation varies, based on the level of the clearance being sought.

The investigation generally includes: verification of U.S. citizenship; a polygraph; fingerprinting; a test for illegal drugs; credit and records checks; interviews with former and current colleagues, neighbors, friends, professors; a search of investigative files and other records at Federal agencies; a search for criminal records; a personal interview with you.

What happens once I have my security clearance?

It must be kept "active." This is accomplished by passing a reinvestigation, the time frame of which depends on the level of your clearance (Top Secret, reinvestigation every five years; Secret, every ten years; Confidential, every fifteen years).


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